As an architect by trade, one of Paul Owen’s philosophies is that “A building is purely a container for the personality and collections of the occupier”. With this understanding, the inclusion of homewares and lifestyle products into Owen's Brisbane based practice Owen Architecture, was a natural progression into the more personal, decorative idea of a building’s life.

A range of house hold and personal items have been created with a finely detailed yet humble aesthetic. Initially basing the collection around the utilitarian processes of life, Paul wanted to find a unique contrast for perpetual daily habits and patterns, eventuating in the combination of old fashioned practicalities and luxury. 

“Somewhere around the 80’s, the idea of luxury went astray and became a globalised commodity idea where as in the past luxury was appreciated more for its fine craftsmanship”. 

Owen wanted to bring luxury back in the form of finely hand crafted products that were created not out of need, but out of desire to design, form and resolve - to just make everyday objects a little bit nicer.


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